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Jays For A's is an after school program for high school students in St. Louis. Each student enrolled in Jays For A's will have an opportunity to earn a pair of Jordan’s by completing personal goals and following program expectations. Students will be rewarded for their positive future oriented behaviors such as good grades and attending our workshops There will be plenty of time for hanging out and playing games. We will also offer workshops and lessons about skills such as driving, money management, and  college/ job applications with many other things. This will all be done in a fun and safe environment that allows students to build community and have a good time, while also learning important life skills. Our hope for this program is to create a space that students look forward to coming to, and offer lessons and workshops that will set them up for future success.

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Reaching Every Neighbor Every Way

RENEW is Redefine's community outreach program with vision to establish the Lord's earthly kingdom through application of Matthew 25:35-36; fundamentally engaging the community where they live, where they work, and where they play.

Our first RENEW mission will be engaging the community where they live. St. Louis is notorious for the stark contrast in socioeconomics divided by just a single street; so much so, that Delmar Boulevard has been coined as the "Delmar Divide". Our heart lies with the community just north of Delmar Boulevard. Most immediately, we feel the Lord calling us to restore and develop some of the vacant and dilapidated homes and give them to those in the community!

We believe that through RENEW, God-given dignity and value will come to people in this neighborhood as well as see them and all of St. Louis transformed by the love of Jesus Christ!

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